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Get closer with Malang Design Wave

Malang Design Wave is an event in the field of design held in Malang with the theme “Between Visual and Usefulness” in collaboration with academics, government, business, and communities.

The use of the word “wave” means a wave of change that occurs and builds a new revolution, a new identity, and many other new things. The inclusion of these various waves of change affects the view in various aspects both in terms of scientific disciplines, design styles, goals, and usefulness of the design itself. The use of the word wave is expected to trigger the next “wave” in the context of renewable movements every year when this kind of event is held.

Malang as a tourism city with the beauty of its nature and tourism which is very interesting, fun, and comfortable makes this city become a source of inspiration for local pride in the city of Malang to come up with new ideas and things. One of them is a design idea. Malang Design Wave does not only focus on digital design but also contain several other design aspects such as:

  • Art
  • Interior
  • Architecture
  • Fashion
  • and more

With the theme “Between Visual and Usefulness”, this event aims to provide space for collaboration between stakeholders and various fields of design and focus on raising human resources and local pride in the city of Malang by introducing education related to design development to the wider community.

This event collaborates with the academics, government, stakeholders, and community sectors which are expected to contribute in giving a change and positive synergy for the creative industry ecosystem, especially in the field of design in Indonesia. This event has several activities including:

  • Exhibition: a series of events where each collaborator to show the work of their members.
  • Workshop: a series of class in which a small group of the participant learns the methods and skills mentored by collaborator on Malang Design Wave, the material was adjusted to the contributions of each collaborator.
  • Design Trail: an official visit to the owner of design work both design studio, museum gallery, archive design and other places related to the design for a discussion of the work. Discussions can be about history, the manufacturing process, until the impact from the design work.
  • Conference: a discussion about the main themes of the event that is “Between Visual and Usefulness” and the sub-themes which are taken and adjusted to the composition of each collaborator in the existing field of science
  • Awarding: an assessment based on the contribution or the influence of each contributor in the field of design in Malang which covers various aspects.

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